Smooth Transitions

  • We want your child to be full of positive emotions – excitement, confidence and happiness when they start school.
  • To achieve this we aim to prepare them as much as possible for the exciting next step in their learning journey.
  • Successful transition ensures your child settles into quickly into school, learning and developing from day one.

To ensure transition is as smooth as possible we will liaise closely with the schools in the local area, visiting the settings where possible and inviting your child’s new teacher to join us in the Nursery – enabling them to observe your child in the setting - assessing their social skills, independence, confidence, language and physical ability. This will enable them to get a good picture of your child and have some fun with them whist they get to know them. At the end of the session we will meet with your child’s new teacher to talk through the children’s records and look at their learning journeys.

  • At the end of the year we will complete a transition report for your child’s new teacher.
  • We will work very closely with the Year R team at Richard de Clare throughout the year as children joining the Nursery will instantly become part of the Richard de Clare family.
  • This will help ensure that children starting school at Richard de Clare in September will find the transition seamless.

Opportunities to work together include the children:

  • Joining the Year R for stories, songs and rhymes on a regular basis.
  • Attending special events and assemblies – Nativity, visiting authors etc.
  • Using the main hall for PE
  • Enjoying access to the schools wonderful outdoor grounds.

Year R staff will come and visit us in the Nursery on a regular basis, getting to know your child, their interests and needs.

Home visits will be arranged before the children start school enabling the Year R team to get to know you before your child starts school.

Please note that you must apply again for a Reception place, even if your child is currently attending Richard de Clare Nursery School.

Richard de Clare Community Academy, Halstead