Policies Files

Accessibility Plan (NEMAT) Download Accessibility Plan Dec 2017
Anti-Bullying Policy Download Anti-Bullying Policy
Art and Design Policy Download art and design policy 2020
Attendance Policy Download Attendance Policy
Behaviour and Discipline Policy Download Behaviour and Discipline Policy Covid 19
Charging and Remissions Policy (NEMAT) Download Charging and Remissions Policy
Complaints Procedure (NEMAT) Download Complaints Policy
Data Protection Policy (NEMAT) Download NEMAT Data Protection Policy
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 2019 Download EYFS Policy 2019
Education Visits Policy Download Educational Visits Policy 2020
Equality Policy (NEMAT) Download Equality Policy
First Aid policy Download First Aid Policy
Learning and Teaching Policy Download Learning and teaching policy
Policy for Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints (NEMAT) Download NEMAT Policy for managing serial and unreasonable complaints
PSHE and British Values Policy Download PSHE and British Values 2020
Pupil Images Policy Download Pupil Images Policy
Race Equality Policy Download Race Equality Policy 2020
Relationships and Sex Education Policy Download RSE Policy
Religious Education Policy Download Religious Education policy 2020
School Council Policy Download School Council Policy
School Uniform Policy 2018 Download School Uniform 18
SEND Information Report Download SEND information report 2020

Richard de Clare Community Academy, Halstead