Year 1 - 19th May

Download Year 1LM Learning Update Tuesday 19th May

Download Year 1SC Learning Update Tuesday 19th May

Download Activity Cards - Make Equal Groups

Download Answers - Make Equal Groups

Download 1-more-1-less-robots

Download one-more-and-one-less-maths-mastery-challenge-cards-english ver 1

Download one-more-and-one-less-maths-mastery-powerpoint

Download One-More-One-Less-Dice-Activitiy

Download One-More-One-Less-Number-Writing-Activity-Sheet-Lorry ver 2

Download Phonics Screening Check Morning Starters

Download Sort the smells

Download Spring-Themed-Senses-Word-Mat

Download feeding-the-minibeasts-activity-sheet ver 1

Download outdoor-art-natural-connections

Year 1SC - Tuesday 5th May

Download Year 1SC Learning Update Tuesday 5th May

Download 0-50 Number Cards

Download Activity Sheet Birthday Cake

Download Activity Sheet Party Time Count to Fifty

Download Activity Sheet Plastic Properties

Download Answer Sheet

Download Answers

Download Diving into Mastery Activity Cards

Download Lesson Plan Lego

Download Lesson Plan Party Time

Download Lesson Presentation Lego

Download Number Line

Download Party Bag Items

Download PlanIt Unit Overview

Download PlanIt User Guide

Download Scientific Vocabulary Mat

Download t-n-2545664-chilli-challenge-year-1-addition-and-subtraction-maths-cards ver 7

Download T-N-357-Under-the-Sea-Counting-Activity-Sheet ver 1

Download t-n-4673-farm-animals-counting-activity-sheet-up-to-20- ver 1

Download t-n-516-pets-counting-sheet-1-10 ver 2

Download T-N-978-Dinosaur-Themed-Addition-Powerpoint ver 1

Download t-or-1349-hide-a-saurus-addition-to-10-activity-sheet

Download t-t-18486-under-the-sea-find-colour-and-count-activity-sheet- ver 3

Download t-t-5679-mothers-and-their-young-farm-animals-matching-activity ver 3

Year 1SC - 11th May

Download Year 1SC Learning Update Monday 11th May

Download Mae Jemison Fact File

Download Mae Jemison Interview

Download Mae Jemison Lesson Presentation

Download Mae Jemison Questions and Answers

Download Space Themed Mindfulness

Download Amazing Arrays Powerpoint

Download Space Pics

Download Star Space Biscuit Recipe

Download Counting Backwards

Download How Much Money in The Jar

Download Multiplication Challenge Cars

Download Home Learning Inventing New Clothes

Download Home Learning Incredible Inventions

Year 1 Learning at Home

Go Noodle

Free on-line resources for children to learn and move together. Includes yoga and mindfulness videos and downloadable cross-curricular activities.
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Download Activity Sheet In the Garden Editable

Download I Spy Plants Question Prompts

Download Lesson Presentation In the Garden

Download Letter to Y1 Parents

Download T-N-4307-KS1-Weight-Challenge-Cards

Download Paper-Towel-Colour-Mixing-Awe-and-Wonder-Science-Activity

Download Letter to parents Y1 8.4

Download Activity Sheet Tree Hunt

Download Lesson Presentation Terrific Trees

Download Deciduous or Evergreen Sorting Cards

Download Letter to Year 1 wb 20th April

Download Year One Learning Update 29th April

Download Cornflour Slime Awe and Wonder Prompt Card Editable

Download T-T-15797-Fizzy-Colours-Awe-and-Wonder-Science-Activity ver 1

Download t-t-15816-lava-flow-volcanoes-awe-and-wonder-science-activity- ver 3

Download t-t-15859-soap-bubble-prints-awe-and-wonder-science-activity- ver 1

Download Y1-Unit Sidney Spider - A tale of friendship