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World Down Syndrome Awareness Day 2022

We celebrated World Down Syndrome Awareness Day this year by attending school wearing blue and yellow non-uniform, which are the Down Syndrome awareness colours! 


The day was largely planned by Summer B (in conjunction with the school council). She led a whole school assembly in the morning and shared with us some fascinating information about Down Syndrome and those living with Down Syndrome. 


Here are some of the interesting things that she taught us:


•Our bodies are made up of billions of cells and inside most of these cells are chromosomes, which are thread like strands that contain hundreds or thousands of genes.


•Chromosomes usually occur in pairs and we have 23 pairs altogether.


•Your chromosomes are your genetic building blocks that make you who you are.


•People with down syndrome have an extra chromosome on the 21st pair making 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. That’s why on the 21st day of the 3rd month (March), we celebrate world Down Syndrome day. 


The children in arts and crafts club continued with raising awareness by making posters with the information that they had learned about Down Syndrome. You may see some of these displayed in different areas around our school.

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