Multi Schools Council Meeting

Multi Schools Council Meeting
Friday, 23 March 2018

On Thursday, 22nd March we travelled to John Ray Junior School for a meeting with other schools. When we arrived we discussed Anti-bullying, and we came up with ideas about how to stop bullying.  

Our ideas were to make posters about anti-bullying and clubs for children who felt they were being bullied.  We also came up with an idea that we could set up a Fair in the summer for children and parents of all schools.  The ideas for the Fair were apple bobbing, ice your own cake, making friendship bracelets and a drama/role-play workshop.

We wanted to get sponsors to support the Multi Schools Council and suggested that we ask our local Co-Op and Lidl.

Last, but not least, we all made Anti-bullying posters for a competition.

Mollie Sadler and Olivia Flint

Richard de Clare Community Academy, Halstead