Severe Weather Procedures

Severe Weather Procedures
Monday, 26 February 2018

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Dear Parents/Carers

In the event of bad weather the school will, very occasionally, need to be closed but we will do our utmost to remain open.  The decision to close is not taken lightly and is only made after full consideration of the safety of the site.  Please note that the site staff start to clear snow around 6.30am but it is not always possible to make a decision about the school closure and site safety until after 7am.

Should the decision be made to close, the mechanism of informing Parents/Carers is as below:

A message will be placed on the School Website shortly after 7am at 

School Closure lists will be available on the Essex County Council website and the link address is below: 

There is often a "time-lag" between making the decision to close and appearance on any website, this is because of the high volume of people trying to access the systems.


Sarah Donnelly

Head teacher

Richard de Clare Community Academy, Halstead