Visit to the Multi-Schools Council Day

Visit to the Multi-Schools Council Day
Thursday, 01 February 2018

On Thursday, the 25th January, some of the Learning Forum went to Colchester United Football Stadium for a Multi Schools Council day. 

The people who went were: Scott, Jessica, Ellie-Mai, Sophia and myself.  The adults who took us were Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Eve.

When we got there, we had a talk from the Ambassadors and then Toby and Charlie (they have Autism) gave us a speech about Autism and the Multi Schools Council.

As the day went on, the Head boy/girl speeches took place (Jessica’s and Scott’s speeches were great).  A lady called Justine, who was blind, sang us an amazing song about how bullies should just ‘back off’.

At 11 o’clock, we had our workshops.  Our first workshop was sports coaching and we learned how to be a good leader.  Then we had our second workshop – Mental Health.  We learned ways to relax and feel calmer.

After lunch, a man called John (he was born without hands or feet) spoke to us about how he is part of Power2Inspire and how he did all 34 Olympic sports.  His message was that everybody should be included in sport no matter what.

After John’s inspiring speech, the Head boy/girl was announced.  Sadly, Jessica’s and Scott’s speeches weren’t enough to win it!

Finally, we talked about how to prevent bullying in school.  Sophia, Ellie-Mai and I have an idea to run a Friendship Club at school.

We had a great day!

Lexi Smith (Learning Forum Secretary)

Richard de Clare Community Academy, Halstead