HSA Home School Association

HSA Home School Association

Everyone is a member of the H.S.A – every parent and carer and every member of the school staff.

We have a common purpose – to work together for the children of the school.

That includes raising money (which we do very well) and much more besides.

We hold all sorts of events throughout the school year. 

The money that we raise goes on all sorts of ‘added extras’ that make learning at RdeC even more interesting and much more fun.

We also help to fund visitors to school and theatre groups so that enjoyment in learning is open to all, without the need for parents to spend more on school activities.

Just in case you’re thinking that the H.S.A is just for a worthy few or a special committee, we would like to point out that we have fun too! If you wish to join the committee please contact the school office.