The Care Team

The Care Team

The CARE Team

A flag ship program at Richard de Clare, our Care Team help support families in need of well-being assistance -and that is all of us from time to time.

The Care Team operates at many levels:

  1. Intense emotional work which is carried out by Emotional First Aid (EFA) staff only on a weekly basis over a prolonged period of time with children requiring high need support.
  1. Touch Base work which entails CARE Team ambassadors making contact regularly (once or twice a week) for identified children needing re-assurance and to know that some-one is there for them.
  1. Intermittent contact work (3 or 4 times each half term) for new entrants and vulnerable children needing occasional re-assurance.

At Transition times, specific children are allocated to Ambassadors to help them make the transition from one year to the next, particularly the Year 6 pupils and when moving from KS1 to KS2.

All new entrants to school are referred to the CARE Team for support as they settle into school.

Where more intensive or specialist support is needed for children, or where work will happen with parents and carers too, we also have access to FAST – our Families and Schools Together Team. A named member of the FAST team works in Richard de Clare every week and as well as undertaking direct work with families they are able to refer to other agencies for further support.