Celebration of Achievement

Celebration of Achievement

Celebration of Achievement 

It is highly important to recognise and celebrate children’s achievements as this develops their self-esteem. Children are continuously learning and developing and success definitely breeds success. Success is celebrated in class through displays, team points, reward tokens, praise, gestures, holding up achievements as models for others and in many more ways too. 

Having consulted pupils and staff, we have made some changes to the way we celebrate achievements at Richard de Clare. Children will now receive certificates in their classrooms (rather than in assembly as they did last term) - their teachers and classmates will make a real fuss of them and parents and carers will receive an email informing them of the certificate. All children receiving certificates will be invited to sit at top table on the following Monday lunch time, as public recognition of their achievements. Top table guests are looked after by a member of the lunch time staff team, have the table set for them and even enjoy flowers on the table; it is an opportunity for the school community to appreciate their accomplishments.

We also wanted to acknowledge that there are many children who cannot receive certificates for all that they achieve because they always work hard and do the right thing. These always children can now be nominated by their class teachers to join Mrs Donnelly/Mrs Couttie for afternoon tea. We had our first afternoon tea on Friday and it was genuine pleasure to spend time with  and recognise these always children for all that they bring to R de C - and there was great cake thanks to our wonderful kitchen!

Last week, we celebrated the success of:

Week ending 19/7

Always Children

  • Lily, Y1
  • Reuben, EYFS
  • Joey, Y1
  • Taia May, Y1
  • Kalebh, Y1
  • Amber, Y3
  • Jessica, Y3
  • Jayden, Y4
  • Stephanie, Y4
  • Ella, Y5
  • Hannah, Y5

Top Table

  • Emma, EYFS
  • Klay, EYFS
  • Henry, EYFS
  • Reuben, EYFS
  • Kayden, Y1
  • Riley, Y1
  • Paige, Y1
  • Harry, Y1
  • Flynn, Y1
  • Kiara, Y1
  • Kayson, Y2
  • Elena, Y2
  • Malakai, Y2
  • Billie-Jo, Y2
  • Jack, Y2
  • Summer, Y2
  • Xander, Y3
  • Ollie, Y3
  • Lacie, Y3
  • Daisy, Y3
  • Anafa, Y3
  • Ashley, Y3
  • Charlie, Y3
  • Daisy, Y4
  • Molly, Y4
  • Jessica, Y4
  • Adela, Y4
  • Owen, Y5
  • Lily, Y5
  • Evie, Y5
  • Kayla, Y5
  • Isabelle, Y5
  • Olivia, Y5
  • Jack, Y5
  • Skye, Y5